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ZIP codes: 40223, 40243, 40253
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Favorite Green Spaces in Middletown, KY

Located just 15 miles outside of Louisville, Middletown, Kentucky maintains the capital's longstanding tradition of preserved green spaces with several treasured parks located in, and just outside, its city borders. Locals and out-of-town guests here can quickly and easily enjoy time spent in the natural and beautiful landscape of the area's three outdoor parks: Hardy Brinly, Crosby, and Wetherby. Whether you're a lifelong Middletown resident or just passing through for the day, you will easily find fun ways to take in the gorgeous green spaces offered in this region.

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Middletown Area Parks: Things to Do

Though technically located in neighboring Woodland Hills, Hardy Brinly Park is a favorite amongst Middletown locals. Spread out over 7 acres, Hardy Brinly offers a walking path, gazebo, and swingset for children. Its tranquil setting delivers a perfect backdrop for any outdoor activities you and your crew may have in mind.

If you're looking for a little bustle with your outdoor activities, Crosby Park is the place for you. Located on the outskirts of Louisville, Crosby offers the perfect gathering spot for sports enthusiasts of all ages. Well-maintained fields, concession stands, and plenty of room to roam makes this baseball park an ideal place to enjoy America's pastime and some authentic Kentucky scenery.

Wetherby is Middletown's only official in-city park and also provides ample green space activities. Best of all, Wetherby's is home to the city's summer concert series. Pack a picnic, gather up your crew, and head outside to enjoy live music under a gorgeous Kentucky sky.

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Four Seasons Makes Your Middletown Yard a Personal Oasis

At Four Seasons Landscape Management, we know that, even with so many nearby parks, our clients still want to surround themselves with lush, natural scenery right outside their doors. Our professional lawn and landscape authorities work with Middletown clients to prove they don’t have to travel outside city limits, or even beyond their own backyards, to enjoy gorgeous (and private) green spaces. Four Seasons' distinctive services can make your residential or business property your own private oasis, perfect for family time, friend gatherings, and memory making.

Our extensive portfolio of capabilities includes:

No matter what your lawn and landscape needs, Four Seasons Landscape Management will partner with you to develop a customized solution that beautifies and fortifies your outdoor living spaces.

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Four Seasons Landscape Management – We Value Our Clients

Four Seasons' approach to lawn and landscape management prioritizes our client relationships above all else. We never require home and business owners to sign contracts. Instead, we make our team available to care for and treat your property whenever you need us. Want to hear more about our unique approach? Contact Four Seasons today and ask about how you can save 5% on all your customized service solutions.

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