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Ornamental Shrubs

At Four Seasons Landscape Management, we know the trees and shrubs on your residential and commercial properties serve a multitude of purposes.

When used strategically throughout a professional landscape design, plant life:

  • Beautifies your yard
  • Increases property value
  • Improves air quality
  • Establishes an organic property boundary
  • Provides shade during hotter seasons
  • Offers windbreak throughout colder months

While most home and business owners understand the many benefits delivered with larger plantings, many don’t realize how important it is to properly tend to trees and shrubs on their properties. All too often, our clients dedicate ample time and attention to beautifying their lawns and gardens but simply assume their trees and shrubs will essentially take care of themselves. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. While trees and shrubs are heartier than grass, they still require proactive, consistent care.

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Ornamental Shrubs

Four Seasons: Our 7-Phase Process Delivers Results

If you’re concerned about maintaining your trees and shrubs, Four Seasons Landscape Management can help.

We offer a comprehensive range of effective treatments and services to effectively ward off disease and ensure the long-lasting health of the trees and shrubs throughout your residential and/or commercial properties.

At Four Seasons Landscape Management, we provide a distinctive, 7-step care program throughout the year that delivers sustainable results to your trees, shrubs, and bushes.

Dormant Oil Application

Four Seasons’ treatment begins in early spring with our dormant oil application to your plantings. Throughout winter, pests burrow inside your plants, nesting and laying eggs. Our oils terminate vermin to eliminate their impending threat.

Spring Fertilization

We begin our first fertilizer treatment as the spring weather warms up to brighten leaf color, nourish the soil, and strengthen the roots.

Initial Insect and Disease Control

Bug infestations and fungi episodes rise along with the early summer temperatures – but Four Seasons is ready. Our tree and shrub spraying proactively combats and prevents pest and plant sickness as the weather warms up.

Summer Pruning and Trimming

Once the spring growth period is over it is time to trim your shrubs. This is a vital step in order to maintain the look, size, and health of your plants. Our experienced staff is knowledgeable and trained to trim only the bushes that should be trimmed at this time of year. This means that we will trim your boxwoods, hollies and other non-flowering shrubs but we won’t cut off your hydrangea buds just prior to their beautiful summer blooms.

Repeat Insect and Disease Control

We apply a second pest and disease control treatment during the later summer months to reinforce the first application and eliminate the bug and fungal conditions that threaten trees and shrubs during our hottest season.

Fall Pruning and Trimming

Fall pruning and trimming is essential to preparing your landscape for winter. This is the time to trim your summer flowing shrubs as their blooming season comes to an end. Additionally, all of your foundation plantings such as boxwoods, hollies, and others need a second trimming to maintain their proper size. Perennial flowers are now finished for the season, and they will be cut back to the ground as well.

Fall Fertilization

Your trees and shrubs will experience an autumn growth spurt, making a fall fertilization service critical. Our team of landscape professionals applies one final service to stimulate soil nutrients and fortify your planting before another cold, harsh winter.

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