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We Help Our Customers in Prospect, KY Enjoy Their Own Private Green Spaces

Prospect, Kentucky is home to four recognized public parks: Cowley, Harrods Creek, Woodlands, and Little Hunting Creek. Each green space offers an extensive assortment of distinctive features and outdoor activities, all nestled into the gorgeous natural backdrop that only Prospect can deliver.

The most renowned of all four parks? Cowley. As a popular gathering place for community events, Cowley Park welcomes over two thousand people a year. With a classic gazebo and lush, vibrant acreage, this location offers an ideal spot for photo ops, walks, runs, hikes, and family-friendly get-togethers.

Lesser-known Harrods Creek Park is one of Prospect's loveliest stretches and regarded by locals as a regional outdoor "hidden jewel." Here, visitors will find two miles of woods, gorgeous green flora, and an environment that's truly bustling with indigenous wildlife. Hikers of all ages and ability levels can stroll the long and winding tree-lined paths, spying anything from wild turkeys to deer along the way.

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Putney Pond & Woodlands Park is the Largest, Most Renowned Green Space in Prospect

This 25-acre tract of land officially became part of Prospect in 2008 after the city purchased it with help from the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund. With extensive woodland trails, a pond, and surrounding wetlands, Woodlands Park is a brilliant example of Prospect's natural beauty.

Finally, Prospect residents can also flock to local Little Hunting Creek Park. At just over 3 acres, Little Hunting Creek Park offers a wide range of ways to enjoy some fresh Kentucky air. With plenty of trees, trails, hundreds of daffodils, and a fresh stream, Little Hunting Creek Park provides open space for both quite downtime or large events and gatherings.

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Replicate Prospect's Green Space Beauty in Your Own Backyard

At Four Seasons Landscape Management, we work with home and business owners throughout the Prospect region to help them create personal green space beauty in their own backyards. As a leading lawn care and landscaping resource throughout Kentucky, the Four Seasons team offers a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of capabilities to restore, repair, and revitalize your property, no matter what its current condition.

Prospect, KY customers turn to us for:

Most importantly, working with Four Seasons means you'll never have to settle for one-size-fits-all lawn and landscape strategies. We never require restrictive client contracts. Instead, our team is available for whatever you need, whenever you need it. Whether you're looking for a professional a weekly mowing to free up precious time, a seasonal yard application to nourish your trees and shrubs, or want a customized hardscape to extend your outdoor living space, Four Seasons Landscape Management can develop a personalized approach to your property to ensure it thrives all year long.

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