Fall Lawn Care: Keep Your Lawn Happy And Healthy All Year

After mowing, trimming and edging all summer, most homeowners look forward to a break come fall and winter. However, if you neglect your lawn in the fall you may be adding more work to your to-do list come spring. Fall lawn care shouldn’t be overlooked as it can save you from plenty of headaches when spring rolls around.

Think fall lawn care doesn’t make a difference? Think again. Here’s Why:

The Timing is Right for Mowing

While you may not need to mow as much in the fall, don’t let your grass get out of control. Fall is the perfect time to do a little more maintenance.

Edge around the curb, trim up those awkward areas of your yard that are not reachable with a mower and make clean, smooth lines with the mower on a setting that is perfect for your grass. When homeowners allow their grass to get too shaggy or tall, it creates the perfect environment for weeds and bacteria.

The general rule of thumb is to cut a full inch more each week so your grass does not grow taller than two and a half inches.

The Temperature is Right for Seeding

Fall is the perfect time for aeration and seeding because the weather is still warm, but not too warm. In addition, you have the opportunity to provide nourishment before the ground freezes in the winter.

Take the time to aerate your yard to avoid soil compaction while also giving your grass roots room to breathe.

When seeding in the Fall, the extra food makes your grass grow thick and strong.  Beefing up your lawn gets it ready to take on the colder temperatures of winter.

The Company Who is Right for the Job

When you want to winterize your lawn and prepare your grass and soil for the winter season, contact Four Seasons Landscaping for comprehensive services that range from complete lawn care to tree and shrub care. Contact us today!

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