7 ways to make your porch more inviting

7 ways to make your porch more inviting

Friends and family have been gathering on porches in the South since the beginning of our nation’s birth. Nothing’s better than enjoying the sweet southern air on the comfort of your own porch while being able to look out at the land and talk to the neighbors. Many people may overlook the opportunity of having a comfortable/good-looking front porch. By having an inviting area where people can relax and feel good a quality porch provides essential curb appeal and sets the tone for your home’s personality. There’s a lot of different tips and tricks you can do to spruce up your porch and have a place to be proud of when you get home from work. Don’t underestimate the power of the porch as you should dedicate the same amount of time to making it look nice as you would do for your home’s interior.

1. Let there be light

By introducing some light elements for your porch, you not only highlight the attributes of your house, but you add safety by being able to see where you walk at night and also deterring possible break-ins and theft. When choosing light fixtures the tone of light will set the mood for newcomers entering your house. Try and maybe add an old lantern to provide a vintage feel or lampposts on both sides of your steps to lead a pathway.

2. Lift up your legs

One of the most important parts about a down-south porch is the fact that you need to be able to relax. If you want to relax, then you probably need a place to sit. Consider installing a porch swing to take a load off of your day. Nothing is more classic than a nice wooden swing to enjoy your sunsets and enjoy a glass of wine or two after a long day. Add some outdoor cushions to make the swing comfier and also add to your overall theme that you choose to go with for your porch. Add a couple of other outdoor chairs to match and an ottoman that seals tight to store a few blankets for when it gets chilly.

3. Front door face lift

Your front door is the face of your house and should be given full attention in regards to making your porch nice. No one wants to see flaky paint, chipped wood or rusty doorknobs as soon as they walk up to your house. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint and consider replacing your doorknobs and locks to match your interior design. Bright colors for doors are also in style and can provide positive energy and a sense of togetherness and unity when you play off the color scheme of the rest of your house.

4. Don’t throw this under the rug (doormat)

Every house usually has a doormat to welcome people inside and allow them to wipe off their shoes. They may seem relatively unimportant when thinking about the grand scheme of an awesome porch, but you have to realize that no matter what, every single person who walks into your house will see it. Don’t shove your doormat under the rug, think about your family’s personality and choose accordingly. A classic approach could be a monogram of your family’s initials or a friendly quote that’s inviting and gives guests a good feel. Consider perhaps a simpler doormat that could pull color from other attributes of your house outside like your shutters or furniture. Just think about it!

5. In with the old, out on your porch

When you think your porch is just about finished then it’s probably time to add a couple of items for decoration. Antique stores are a great place to look for lawn decorations and especially cool stuff to put on your porch. Add a rustic or vintage feeling that can contrast well with your set up to bring everything all together and feel complete. Use your imagination as there’s no right answer and it’s ultimately up to you, so have fun with it!
Here are some ideas of things you can find at antique stores that would fit well on your porch:

  • Old wagon wheel
  • Vintage cooler
  • Butter churners
  • Ceramic vases
  • Chandelier
  • Wooden tables & chairs

6. Dress up your digits

When you leave those small address digits on your house, you not only make it hard for the mailman to find you but you also miss out on a neat opportunity to add in some style. Big oversized numbers look nice when they’re painted in a contrasting color to your home. Your address should be visible from the street especially in case of an emergency and if your home needs to be identified fast. You can make your own numbers if you’re handy with wood or just look around online where you can choose from hundreds of different fonts and sizes to pick the perfect numbers for your house’s personality.

7. Get some green

Throw some greens on your porch to introduce much-needed texture and a field of depth. Pick out some potted or hanging plants that will typically do well in shaded areas. Large hostas and ferns are perfect plants to show off on your porch and give it some much-needed life.

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